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The first of the big MLB free-agency dominoes has finally fallen, with Manny Machado agreeing to sign with the San Diego Padres.

What are the Padres’ odds to reach the World Series now? We’re glad you asked.

The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook has released World Series odds, divisional odds, season win totals and odds to make the postseason for all 30 MLB teams.

Here they are:

To jump to each division, click here: AL East | AL Central | AL West | NL East | NL Central | NL West
AL East

Boston Red Sox (7-1 to win World Series)
Odds to win AL pennant: +325
Division: +120
Over/under: 94.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes -600, No +425
New York Yankees (6-1)
Odds to win AL pennant: +275
Division: -125
Over/under: 96.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes -800, No +550


Tampa Bay Rays (25-1)
Odds to win AL pennant: 12-1
Division: 8-1
Over/under: 84.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes -240, No +300
Toronto Blue Jays (200-1)
Odds to win AL pennant: 100-1
Division: 30-1
Over/under: 75
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +1000, No -2000
Baltimore Orioles (2000-1)
Odds to win AL pennant: 1000-1
Division: 300-1
Over/under: 59.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +4000, No -20000
AL Central

Cleveland Indians (10-1)
Odds to win AL pennant: +450
Division: -400
Over/under: 91
Odds to make playoffs: Yes -800, No +550
Minnesota Twins (30-1)
Odds to win AL pennant: 15-1
Division: 3-1
Over/under: 83.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +240, No -300
Detroit Tigers (1000-1)
Odds to win AL pennant: 500-1
Division: 60-1
Over/under: 69
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +2000, No -10000
Chicago White Sox (60-1)
Odds to win AL pennant: 30-1
Division: 25-1
Over/under: 75.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +800, No -1400
Kansas City Royals (1000-1)
Odds to win AL pennant: 500-1
Division: 60-1
Over/under: 70.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +2000, No -10000
AL West

Houston Astros (6-1)
Odds to win AL pennant: +275
Division: -800
Over/under: 96.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes -1400, No +800
Oakland Athletics (25-1)
Odds to win AL pennant: 12-1
Division: +800
Over/under: 83.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +240, No -300
Seattle Mariners (1000-1)
Odds to win AL pennant: 500-1
Division: 80-1
Over/under: 70
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +2000, No -10000
Los Angeles Angels (40-1)
Odds to win AL pennant: 20-1
Division: 10-1
Over/under: 82.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +300, No -400
Texas Rangers (1000-1)
Odds to win AL pennant: 500-1
Division: 60-1
Over/under: 71.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +2000, No -10000
The San Diego Padres are now 50-1 to win the World Series after signing Manny Machado. Harry How/Getty Images

NL East

Atlanta Braves (18-1)
Odds to win NL pennant: 9-1
Division: +275
Over/under: 86.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +170, No -200
Washington Nationals (12-1)
Odds to win NL pennant: 6-1
Division: +225
Over/under: 89
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +105, No -125
Philadelphia Phillies (14-1)
Odds to win NL pennant: 7-1
Division: +275
Over/under: 86.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +170, No -200
New York Mets (20-1)
Odds to win NL pennant: 10-1
Division: +275
Over/under: 86
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +150, No -180
Miami Marlins (2000-1)
Odds to win NL pennant: 1000-1
Division: 200-1
Over/under: 64
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +4000, No -20000
NL Central

Milwaukee Brewers (18-1)
Odds to win NL pennant: 9-1
Division: +250
Over/under: 86.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +150, No -180
Chicago Cubs (12-1)
Odds to win NL pennant: 6-1
Division: +180
Over/under: 89.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes -110, No -110
St. Louis Cardinals (12-1)
Odds to win NL pennant: 6-1
Division: +200
Over/under: 88.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes -110, No -110
Pittsburgh Pirates (100-1)
Odds to win NL pennant: 50-1
Division: 18-1
Over/under: 77.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +425, No -600
Cincinnati Reds (80-1)
Odds to win NL pennant: 40-1
Division: 10-1
Over/under: 79
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +425, No -600
NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers (7-1)
Odds to win NL pennant: +350
Division: -400
Over/under: 93.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes -1100, No +700
Colorado Rockies (25-1)
Odds to win NL pennant: 12-1
Division: +450
Over/under: 84.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +200, No -250
Arizona Diamondbacks (80-1)
Odds to win NL pennant: 40-1
Division: 25-1
Over/under: 74.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +600, No -900
San Francisco Giants (200-1)
Odds to win NL pennant: 100-1
Division: 50-1
Over/under: 73.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +900, No -1600
San Diego Padres (50-1)
Odds to win NL pennant: 25-1
Division: 12-1
Over/under: 78.5
Odds to make playoffs: Yes +500, No -700

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“Ground ball to second. Iwamuras got it. Rays are going to the World Series!”
Game Seven. The two words that fans dread yet love. Nothing will rip your heart out quite like a game seven defeat. Yet, nothing will bring you more joy and exhilaration than a game seven victory.

On October 19th, 2008 the Tampa Bay Rays experienced the joy and exhilaration of a game seven victory. The Red Sox, meanwhile, had their hearts ripped out at the hands of the greatest Rays team ever.

Houston Astros: The perils of being king

Matt Garza pitched an absolute gem making one mistake to the second hitter of the game as Dustin Pedroia deposited a hanging changeup over the left field fence. Garza would go on to give up one more hit while striking out nine Red Sox hitters over seven dominant innings.

The Rays would tie the game in the bottom of the fourth on an Evan Longoria double that scored Carlos Pena. Rocco Baldelli gave the Rays the lead in the bottom of the fifth singling home Willy Aybar.

On to the top of the seventh, which Matt Garza ended by striking out Jason Varitek. The Rays would strike in the bottom of the seventh scoring their third and final run off of Jon Lester, thanks to a Willy Aybar solo shot. The seventh inning would be the end of Jon Lester’s solid effort, one that was simply out done by Garza’s brilliance.

Garza would start the eight inning, but exit after current Red Sox manager, Alex Cora would reach on a Jason Bartlett fielding error. As Joe Maddon made his way out of the dugout and it became clear that Garza’s day was over, Rays fans rose to their feet and showed Matt Garza their appreciation with a thunderous applause. Garza approaching the dugout, tipped his cap to the 40,473 fans in attendance and watched the final six outs anxiously.

The Tampa Bay Rays Should Trade for Jose Abreu
Tampa Bay Rays Arizona Fall League Update
Tampa Bay Rays #14-13 Top 15 Pitching Seasons
Tampa Bay Rays: Possible Trade Chips
Tampa Bay Rays Top 15 Individual Pitching Seasons Ever: #15
With the bases load and two outs in the top of the eighth inning, Maddon called on the David Price. The rookie was pitching in the most important game of his life, against the defending world champion Red Sox, trying to defend a two run lead with the bases juiced.

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Price locked up J.D. Drew on a ninety seven mile per hour fastball on the outside corner to get out of the bind, wearing his emotions on his sleeve and beating his glove. The Rays were now three outs away from their first World Series birth in franchise history.

Price would return to the mound in the ninth and begin by walking the leadoff batter, Jason Bay. Jason Varitek would go down looking. Mark Kotsay would strike out swinging and just like that the Rays were one out away. Pinch hitting for Alex Cora, Jed Lowrie would step to the plate and the most iconic moment in Tampa Bay Rays history would unfold.

Jed Lowrie would ground the second pitch of the at bat to Akinori Iwamura who fielded the in between hop, raced towards the bag, pouncing on it to record the final out of game seven, sending the Rays to the World Series.
Tropicana Field absolutely erupted as the Rays stormed the field toppling each other. Carl Crawford, one of the earliest (Devil) Rays, was the last Rays player to reach the pile, putting the exclamation point on the celebration, jumping on top of all twenty five or so of his teammates.

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Tampa Bay Rays President Brian Auld tried to soothe some hurt feelings in St. Petersburg on Thursday during a Suncoast Tiger Bay luncheon. Auld had to answer to loyal and longtime residents after announcing last month the team was exclusively targeting Ybor City for a new stadium.

He said the team will play in St. Pete for at least the next five seasons and reiterated its committment to being Tampa Bay’s baseball team for the long haul.

“We have done our very best earnestly to stay in St. Pete,” Auld said when asked why St. Pete residents shouldn’t feel betrayed. “But I think we have enough data to show that it’s probably not going to happen.”

The Rays announced six priorities in a new ballpark two years ago when the team got the go ahead from the city of St. Pete to start looking at alternative sites. Auld defended the team’s Ybor selection saying it checks off more of those criteria than the existing Tropicana Field site. Auld called Ybor City “the definition of local authenticity,” one of the six criteria. Ybor is well-known for its rich Cuban history and rustic brick facades.

But some St. Pete fans remain unconvinced. The Rays face an uphill battle funding a new stadium expected to cost about $800 million. The city of Tampa for the first time in 30 years raised property taxes to cover years of declining revenue during the Great Recession that are only just now getting back to pre-recession levels. That makes public funding a bitter pill to swallow.

Auld acknowledged funding will be a complicated endeavor and said a lot of the team’s commitment will come down to support from the business community.

“As we’ve shared, we’re not just missing a handful of people,” Auld said. “We need 10,000 more people per night.”

The Rays, along with Tampa Bay area business leaders Ron Christaldi and Chuck Sykes, created the Rays 2020 coalition that’s trying to drum up support within the business community to show better support for an Ybor stadium.
St. Petersburg financial advisor Howard Sachs dies
Howard Sachs, Raymond James Financial (right) and Suzie Boland, RFB Communications, at a Tampa Bay Business Journal event in 2013.
8 Tampa Bay billionaires control nearly $16 billion in wealth
There are a total of 2,208 billionaires from 72 countries and territories on the list, worth a combined $9.1trillion, up 18 percent since last year.
TBBJ Elite Lunch & Learn with Tampa Downtown Partnership
March 29


The Ybor site, which is just outside of downtown Tampa and down the block from the future $3 billion Water Street Tampa development, has access to twice as many fans within a 30-minute drive, Auld said. That demographic is considered key in drawing the necessary home game attendance to make a team viable.

Auld also had to answer for some of the team’s off-season staffing decisions including trading off two of its banner players – Evan Longoria and Steven Souza Jr. One Tiger Bay member asked Auld how the team can expect to build a fan base when they’re giving away the team’s heroes.


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“We made a decision that winning is the most important thing we can do. We’ve heard the feedback and we’ve even heard that maybe that’s not the right move,” Auld said. “I believe that we’re going to have more household names soon.”

Auld said not to count new Rays players out and encouraged fans to “strap in.”

“We are invested to ensure [these next five years at the Trop] are going to be great years,” Auld said.

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The kids filed into the party room, looked the place over, then politely took their seats.

Surely they’d get a glimpse of the star baseball player himself. Maybe they’d get to say a few words. Maybe even … a selfie.

What they got on Saturday was the MVP treatment from Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer, a Clayton native who has formed his own charitable foundation and one day hopes to build a transitional home for homeless kids. Archer, who works with a youth homeless shelter in Tampa, threw open the doors for 14 local teenagers, complete with lunch, a pile of presents, and words of inspiration.
“I don’t feel like I’m here to play baseball,” Archer said of his philosophy. “I’m here to use baseball as a platform to positively impact lives.”
Many of these kids were not on Santa’s itinerary this Christmas; some are homeless, others in foster care, or otherwise deemed to be at risk. They sleep in cars or bed down in shelters. Two brothers said they’ve been bouncing between friends’ and relatives’ homes going on four years now.

On Saturday, these kids received a Lenovo Ideapad touchscreen laptop, Adidas sports shoes, clothes, toiletries and a $50 gift card.

Archer, 29, came up with the Christmas party idea just 10 days ago. He and his friends arranged for donations from HomeTowne Realty, Walgreens and Vanero’s Pizzeria, and area social workers recommended which kids to invite.

The youngsters arrived for the Christmas lunch thinking perhaps that Chris Archer would be the main draw, but the star pitcher had a different idea: The kids would be the main attraction.

“We wanted a reward for the kids in tough circumstances who are all making the most of it,” Archer said.

If it’s not already apparent, Archer has a proclivity for sounding wiser than his years. The gifts he and his network of volunteers selected were functional, not frivolous. The big league hero made sure to put in some face time with his teen guests.

“We talked about how I need to get my grades up and how my grades can get me far in life,” said 13-year-old Moriah Williams, a 7th-grader at Cardinal Charter Academy.

Shantel Williams, Moriah’s mom, said she has agreed not to buy gifts for her three children as a condition of living at the Carying Place, whose policy is to encourage temporary residents to save money. So any presents Moriah would receive this year would have to come from donations, she said.

Another mom, Tina Corbett, brought her 18-year-old son, Jaylen Harris. Corbett, a pre-school teacher, and her son stayed at the Carying Place four years ago when they went through the program for rebuilding their lives. They are now repaying the goodwill as volunteers at the Carying Place. Corbett said a common emotion an adolescent feels during homelessness is shame.

Jaylen, a senior at Cary High School who would like to join the U.S. Air Force, said that until Saturday’s party, he was getting just two pairs of pants for Christmas.

“I’ve never met a professional athlete. I’ve never been to a professional game,” he said. “This is a good first impression.”

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria claimed his third Rawlings Gold Glove Award, following 2009 and 2010. Longoria won the award over finalists Manny Machado (Baltimore Orioles) and Jose Ramirez (Cleveland Indians).


VIDEO: Rays news, interviews & features
VIDEO: Rays baseball demonstrations
FOX Sports Go
Longoria, 32, becomes the first player in franchise history to win three Gold Glove Awards. It is the eighth Gold Glove Award in franchise history. Center fielder Kevin Kiermaier (2016, 2015), right-handed pitcher Jeremy Hellickson (2012), left fielder Carl Crawford (2010) and first baseman Carlos Peña (2008) have also won Gold Glove Awards.

“The Gold Glove is one of the awards when I first started playing that I always wanted to win, so to win a third one is really cool,” said Longoria. “I definitely take pride in my defense. …It feels good to win it, and it feels good to win it in front of some really good players and some guys who put together good years.”

Longoria becomes the 18th third baseman to win three or more Gold Glove Awards, and only the third active third baseman with three Gold Gloves or more, joining Adrian Beltre (5) and Nolan Arenado (4, entering tonight).

Longoria ranked second among AL third basemen with 11 Defensive Runs Saved, according to FanGraphs, his most since 2013 (12). DRS attempts to calculate how many runs a player saved or cost his team in the field compared to the average player at his position.

Among qualified AL third basemen, Longoria ranked third in fielding percentage (.968), total chances (375), putouts (96) and assists (267). He also played a career-best 47 consecutive errorless games from July 5 to August 28.

Rawlings Gold Glove Award voting consists of two components: 75 percent of the vote comes from managers and coaches, who may not vote for a player on their own team, and 25 percent comes from statistical analysis in collaboration with the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR).

Fan voting for the Rawlings Platinum Glove Award begins tonight at 10 p.m. and ends Thursday at 10 p.m. at A combination of the national fan vote and the SABR Defensive Index will determine who takes home the honor of each League’s top defensive player, which will be announced during the 2017 Rawlings Gold Glove Award Ceremony on Friday, November 10. Kiermaier became the first Rays player to win the American League Platinum Glove Award in 2015.

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The Tampa Bay Rays today named Ozzie Timmons as first base coach for Manager Kevin Cash’s major league coaching staff.

“I’m excited for Ozzie to join our staff,” said Cash. “He has a track record of connecting with hitters and providing high quality coaching throughout his career. We’re looking forward to him complementing our staff with those skills and many others. His primary duties will be coaching first base, providing baserunning instruction and assisting our hitters alongside [hitting coach] Chad Mottola.”

Timmons, 47, begins his first major league coaching assignment and his 12th season as a coach, spent entirely in the Rays organization. For the past two seasons (2016-17), he was the hitting coach for the Triple-A Durham Bulls. Prior to that, he coached seven seasons for the Double-A Montgomery Biscuits (2009-15), one season with the Class-A Columbus Catfish (2008) and one season with the Short-A Hudson Valley Renegades (2008).

A Tampa native who still calls the city home, Timmons graduated from Brandon High School in 1988 and attended the University of Tampa, where he was a two-time Division II All-American. The outfielder was selected by the Chicago Cubs in the fifth round of the 1991 June Draft and played professionally for 16 seasons, including parts of five seasons in the majors with the Cubs (1995-96), Cincinnati Reds (1997), Seattle Mariners (1999) and Devil Rays (2000). Playing for Durham in 2000, he led the International League with 104 RBI and 100 runs scored and earned a September call-up with Tampa Bay, batting .341 (14-for-41) with four home runs and 13 RBI. He later played in the Japanese Central League, Mexican League and independent Atlantic League.

Timmons becomes the seventh first base coach in franchise history, following Billy Hatcher (1998-99, 2003-05), José Cardenal (2000-01), Lee May (2001-02), George Hendrick (2006-14), Dave Martinez (who filled in for Hendrick for three weeks in 2007 while he recovered from knee surgery) and Rocco Baldelli (2015-17). Baldelli will remain on the major league coaching staff and will take on new responsibilities.

In Timmons, Baldelli and Cash, the coaching staff now features three members who once played in the majors for the Rays. Prior to this, only two others both played and coached for the Rays at the major league level: Martinez and Wade Boggs.

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The MLB Playoffs continued last night with both LCS’s having games played.

The New York Yankees stunned the Houston Astros as they climbed back from a 4-0 deficit in the 7th inning to rallying to back to win, 6-4. The series is now split at two game apiece and the Yankees victory ensure the series will return to Houston for Game 6.

Meanwhile, over on the National League side of things, the Los Angeles Dodgers continued their dominance over the Chicago Cubs, defeating them 6-1, and taking a 3-0 series advantage.

Game five of the ALCS takes place at 5 today with Dallas Keuchel taking on Masahiro Tanaka.

The Dodgers will look claim the National League Championship tonight as they’ll send Alex Wood to the mound against Jake Arriete with that game starting at 9:10pm EST.

Someone stole the bat from Ken Griffey Jr’s statue outside of SafeCo field, thankfully the police have already apprehended the suspend and recovered the bat
Viva El Birdos, the Cardinals SBN site, looked at the Rays as a potential trading partner
Over at Rays Colored Glasses, they believe the Rays will be making a plethora of off-season moves
Today, you can say you learned that Hawk Harrelson wanted to purchase an MLB franchise and bring it to Tampa Bay in 1990 and he had the ultimate plan to succeed
“We were going to buy all young players, making the minimum and tell the people here in this area what we were doing. This is our plan. And we were going to go with that plan for five years. And then we were going to see where we were after five years. If we made good choices and the players were coming along, we were going to keep it. If they weren’t, we were going to sell it. We had everything all set.”
Speaking of bring a major league franchise to a location, Portland is working to be one of the next expansion sites

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Last night, the Tampa Bay Rays defeated the New York Yankees thanks to some home runs provided from the unusual sources as Kevin Kiermaier and Adeiny Hechavarria both hit solo home runs. That would be it for the Rays offensive production during the game, but that’s all they needed as Blake Snell and the Rays bullpen were once again fantastic, holding the Yankees to one run on three hits.

The Rays bullpen since August 1st has been among the best, if not the best in all of baseball as they have a combined ERA of 2.48 and a wOBA of .250, both the lowest in the majors over that time and no opposing team is really all that close. Hitters have slashed .195/.262/.317 against them, all of which are the lowest in the majors.

Hechavarria has been on fire for close to a month now. Since August 15th, the Rays glove first short stop has slashed .298/.348/.607 with 4 HR (.310 ISO) over his 92 plate appearances, good for a 148 wRC+.
Tampa Bay Rays ✔ @RaysBaseball
Hech. Clutch.
10:07 AM – Sep 13, 2017
7 7 Replies 54 54 Retweets 202 202 likes
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Despite the hotting hitting Hechavarria and dominant pen, the Rays still find themselves a ways away in the Wild Card chase as they sit four games back of the Twins, with the Mariners, Rangers, Royals, and Angels between them.
FOX Sports Florida ✔ @FOXSportsFL
[email protected] manager Kevin Cash discusses Tuesday’s win, the start from Blake Snell and the HRs from Kiermaier and Hechavarria. #RaysUp
10:24 AM – Sep 13, 2017
Replies 4 4 Retweets 9 9 likes
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Chris Archer goes to the mound this afternoon as the Rays look to take the series finale against the Yankees
Tropicana Field remained intact following Hurricane Irma, but MLB hasn’t yet decided whether the Rays will play the Red Sox there this weekend. There is the possibility of the games being moved to Fenway with the Rays being the ‘home’ team.
Marc Topkin ✔ @TBTimes_Rays
If #Rays can’t play games at Trop, sounds like they could end up having to go back to Boston and face #RedSox there as “home” team
3:55 AM – Sep 13, 2017
9 9 Replies 16 16 Retweets 20 20 likes
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Regardless, the Rays will return to Tampa Bay during tomorrow’s off day so they can check on their homes
Brendan McKay pitched for the Hudson Valley Renegades last night, leading them to victory in their respective playoff game.
The Durham Bulls began the Governor’s Cup (Triple-A Championship) with a victory thanks to a tremendous performance from Ryan Yarbrough
Shohei Otani, the star Japanese two-way star, will sign with an MLB team this off-season
The Cleveland Indians tied the American League record for wins in a row as they took home their 20th consecutive victory, meanwhile the Rays haven’t won more than five games in a row since 2015
The Los Angeles Dodgers decided they had enough of the losing thing as they finally snapped their streak
MLB released the 2018 regular season schedule with Opening Day actually have games slated for each team

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — Corey Dickerson broke through with his most productive game in months, helping the Tampa Bay Rays get a big win.

Dickerson, who led the American League in hitting in late June and then hit .223 over the next 10 weeks, hit his 26th home run and also doubled twice to help the Rays beat the Minnesota Twins 11-4 Monday night to tighten the AL wild-card race.

“If you’ve played this game long enough and you’ve succeeded, you know it’ll come back sooner or later in a big way,” Dickerson said. “I kept believing I’m going to make a big impact soon. I kept saying that to myself and I’m going to continue to say that to myself.”

The Twins’ lead for the second wild-card spot was trimmed to a half-game over the Angels.

“Starting the (seven-game road) trip, these games are obviously important,” Twins manager Paul Molitor said. “We had to find a way to win this one.”

Logan Morrison, who got his 36th homer, and Kevin Kiermaier each added three hits for the Rays. Evan Longoria drove in three runs with a pair of singles.

The Rays, who are three games behind the Twins with 23 left to play, had two four-run innings without the aid of a home run.

“We normally don’t do that. We’ve got to find ways to score runs without the home run, and it’s impressive that we were able to do that tonight,” observed manager Kevin Cash.

“(Morrison) struck out twice and then he got it going because we extended those innings, passed the at bats around,” Dickerson said. “He got hot and he felt really good about himself by the end of the night, and that transcends into tomorrow. That’s why it’s good to get everybody involved in the game and everybody feeling good.”

Alex Cobb (10-9) gave up one run and three hits while striking out seven in 5 2/3 innings. Winning for the first time since July 26, he retired nine in a row before giving up a double to Joe Mauer in the sixth.

Mauer stretched his hitting streak to 13 games. Brian Dozier hit his 28th homer for the Twins.

Jose Berrios (12-7) gave up five runs and seven hits in five innings.

Berrios left the game after Dickerson’s RBI double in the sixth made it 3-1.

Kiermaier, hitting .379 in 16 games since coming off the disabled list, drove in two runs with a single later in the inning off reliever Buddy Boshers to put Tampa Bay ahead 6-1.

Max Kepler drove in Minnesota’s first run with a single in the second after Byron’s Buxton’s leadoff single and stolen base. It was Buxton’s 20th straight successful steal attempt.


Molitor on the tight wild-card race: “I think Mr. Selig, in creating the second wild card, was hoping for something like this. It’s made some more cities able to hang onto some hope through the later stages of the season, but it does make it more difficult for people in front offices to make (buy or sell) decisions.”


Twins: 3B Miguel Sano hit off a tee in Minneapolis, his first baseball activity since injuring his left shin on Aug. 19. Said Molitor: “It’s getting closer to a day-to-day situation but we’re not there yet. He’s still got a ways to go.” … C Jason Castro, activated Sunday after missing nine games due to concussion symptoms, will be in the lineup Tuesday night and probably Thursday at Kanaas City, Molitor said.

Rays: RHP Chris Archer, who left Saturday’s game in the first inning after only eight pitches, was diagnosed with lateral forearm tightness. He will throw lightly Tuesday. … SS Matt Duffy, who has yet to play this season following Achilles surgery, took grounders. … OF Steven Souza Jr. left the game after a home-plate collision in the sixth, but said he would probably play Tuesday.


RHP Bartolo Colon (6-10) will make his 10th start for the Twins on Tuesday night against Rays RHP Jake Odorizzi (7-7), who is coming off his first win in six starts since July 17.



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Wade Boggs is expected to join the Red Sox NESN broadcast in Tampa Bay when the Red Sox play there both today and tomorrow.

Boggs grew up in Tampa Bay and still lives in the area. The Hall of Famer, who turned 59 on June 15, starred for the Red Sox from 1982-92. He played his final two seasons for the Tampa Bay Rays, then known as the Devil Days, in 1998 and ’99.

NESN has used several color analysts with Jerry Remy recovering from cancer surgery.

Red Sox vs. Rays: NESN schedule, live stream, 5 things to watch
Red Sox vs. Rays: NESN schedule, live stream, 5 things to watch
John Farrell’s Red Sox are 6-0 since the trade deadline but this week will be more telling. They go on the road to play American League East rivals Tampa and New York.

Former Red Sox reliever Mike Timilin worked the past road to Anaheim and Seattle.

Ex-Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes filled in for Red Sox’s home series against the Royals and Indians. Dennis Eckersley worked the White Sox series.